Bess - October 2019

Care cost £2,170.00

Bess is a 15 year old Jack Russell , who came into us in September 2018 as her mum sadly passed away in the Blackburn Hospice. Other rescues were contacted before Bess came to us, but she was sadly turned away from them all – we of course said yes! We believe she will find a loving home.

Bess is really no trouble at all! Her daily routine is:
• 8:20am wake up and out for a wee etc
•8:35am breakfast time (tin of butchers tripe)
•8:45am back into bed for a snooze
•10am yaaayy a lovely volunteer has come to walk me! I love going out
•11am back from my walk, time for a snooze before lunch
•12pm A tin of sardines for lunch yummy!
• 1pm out for another wee and snooze
•2-3pm out for a walk then a snooze
•4:55 yaaayy tea time (a full tin of butchers tripe)
• 5pm out for a quick walk and for another wee! Then back to sleep for me
Such a lovely easy dog for someone to love

Bess was rehomed to Michael in July 2019 but she is now sadly back with us.

Michael had Stage 4 lung cancer and is now not well enough to take care of Bess so she has returned to our care.

We are still determined to find her a new forever home and we are so grateful for the time that Michael was able to give her outside of the kennels despite fighting his own battle.

Care cost £2,170.00